These Contestants On “Family Feud Canada” Are Pretty Bad At Sudden Death

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“Name Popeye’s Favourite Food.” – “CHICKENNNN!”

Last year, CBC launched a local version of Family Feud and as expected, it’s some wholesome Canadian content.

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It’s hosted by Mr. D himself, Gerry Dee.

And just like other Family Feuds from around the world, sometimes the contestants’ answers can be… well, interesting.

During a recent episode the families went into a sudden death round to play for the $10,000 prize.


Meet Eve, and her competitor Logan.

Gerry starts by asking the question: “Name Popeye’s favourite food” and before he could completely finish the question, Eve buzzes in with this incredible answer:

The confidence Eve possesses is incredible, but within milliseconds she realizes she’s made a grave error.

She turns to her family for some sort of approval, but it’s not happening Eve.

The Popeyes that Eve is talking about is the fast food restaurant chain.

While Gerry was referring to the cartoon character Popeye, who we all know loves spinach.

We’ve all been there, Eve.

We are all Gerry in this moment.

But to make matters worse, they had several other questions that didn’t make the final show.

Like: “Name something that you dye”. Eve buzzed in first but went blank.

And even with a few extra seconds to come up with something good, Logan’s answer was this:

Come on Canada. You’re better than this.

You can watch the full cringe here:

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