Hey Guys, Here’s A Kind Canadian Reminder To Not Complain About The Heat

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In Calgary, the temperature reached a whopping 34°C last week. And now it’s a bajillion degrees across most of the country today.

And so while we all kinda feel like this:

We need to take a second and remember what the alternative is. And why you shouldn’t complain it’s too hot now:


Because, in a few short months, we could need Indiana Jones-type skills to dig out our cars.

“@nhudson709: Everyone’s at it in St. John’s this morning. #nlwx #afterthestorm #canadianwinter ” @TAGGARTnTORRENS


Or you could lose feeling in your nose the moment you walk outside.


We could be colder than Santa’s house.


We’ll need to part the white sea of snow to get home.

Somewhere underneath this snow you can find my family’s cottage @CindyDayCTV ” #CanadianWinter #pei


And you could look out the window and see A LOT of snow. Not a pretty dusting on your street but, like, trapping you in your house kind of snow.

That #snowdrift though! @CorttChavis got out of #Canada just in time! Help us Lawd! #CanadianWinter #weather


Instead of +29°C, it could be -29°C. Which would you really prefer?


You could be feeling a little less-than patriotic about Canada’s winter reputation.


Snow could foil your efforts at being a nice, upstanding Canadian citizen.

from @julianakarlsen Just trying to pay the parking meter ❄⛄🅿 #blizzard #snow #canadianwinter


This could be your landscape. FOR 6 MONTHS.


You could lose your yard to snowmageddon.


You could have to deal with freezing, pissed off ghosts.

Meanwhile, in Canada. It’s so cold, even our ghosts freeze!

#CanadianProblems #winterincanada #Creepypasta


And you could be drying socks on radiators.

“@KerrEteach: JK/SK Socks drying on the rad @Leger_tcdsb! #winterincanada @tcdsb #ontes ” Adorable.


This could be your commute.


The snow could almost SWALLOW UP your child.


You could need an ACTUAL CHART from the government telling you how to dress so you don’t get frostbite.

Almost right. If the temp is above 5°C you will see people in shorts. Correction: men in shorts. #WinterInCanada


You could have to wrestle a baby into a snow suit.

It’s good cardio though, tbh.


And your head could end up looking like this.

Chris went out earlier for 10 min to snowblow end of driveway. #winterincanada #snow #moresnow

Which is just never good.


And lastly, never forget what waiting for spring actually feels like.

Still too hot for you out there? Didn’t think so.

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