19 Of The Most Traumatizing Stories About Being Attacked By Canada Geese


The Goose Who Tore An Umbrella To Shreds

I used to work animal control, and on my first day, we had to paddle boat to an island in a park that was overrun by geese to oil the eggs (population control) to reduce the number of geese in the park. We noticed that there was one pair of really aggressive geese, so we went about our business, oiled some other nests, but we eventually had only one nest left, and armed with an umbrella (apparently humane goose control) and some oil, we went for it.

The goose was squawking and flapping at us, but eager me was not perturbed until the jackass flew up in the air, landed on the umbrella, shredded it, and knocked both of us over on the tiny island. Needless to say, we left that nest alone, and paddled as fast as we could off the island. I never messed with a goose nest again.

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