Dear Canada, It’s Time To Let McGosling Go

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There is a new royal couple in town.

For Canadians who grew up during the Notebook era of romance, there were two truths: Death is inevitable, and Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are meant to be together. Forever.

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In fact, almost a decade after having broken up, the Canadian exes are still being ‘shipped, scrapbooked, and made into mosaics.

We just haven’t given up.

Ryan gosling and rachel mcadams are meant for each other. They’re both Canadian and hella attractive which equals to attractive children.

But recent rumours that Rachel might be dating True Detective co-star Taylor Kitsch — ANOTHER VERY HOT CANADIAN — has McGosling hopefuls re-evaluating everything.

And people are starting to change their tune…

I’m totally okay with Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch becoming Canada’s new golden couple. #McGoslingForever

‘Cause, like, they’re both incredibly attractive and wonderfully Canadian. The math still works out.

YAAAAAS. Cutest Canadian couple = Rachel McAdams & Taylor Kitsch. Make beautiful babies already.

And even though some of us are still holding onto the crumbs of McGosling during this new revelation…

the fact that rachel mcadams and ryan gosling didn’t end up together makes my heart ache

It’s time to finally let go.

Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch are apparently dating. After 8 years of denial, I’m finally over the Rachel McAdams-Ryan Gosling split. #33

There is a new Canadian power couple in town.

Now, let’s bow our heads in silence and in memoriam of McGosling. And honour the potential future of Canada’s McKitsch.

Because no matter where your Canadian relationship politics stand, we can all agree on one thing:

Dear Rachel McAdams: Dating Ryan Gosling AND Taylor Kitsch in one lifetime is just greedy.

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