19 Best-Acted Scenes In TV History

Suggested by kaylayandoli

Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson will forever be my favorite parts of This Is Us. I desperately want them to adopt me, and scenes like this prove why. At this particular moment in the series, Randall glances away from the news about George Floyd’s murder and the Black Lives Matter protests on TV, and he looks at his three Black daughters. He opens up to Beth about how tired and sad he feels, and Beth lets him sit for a moment before reminding him that all of his successes in life were built out of trauma and tragedy. She reassures Randall that she’ll always be with him, fighting right by his side, and it reminds the viewer how real and natural and true their relationship is. Yes, there’s joy, but there’s also pain and heartbreak and sorrow, and that’s why you can’t help but root for them the way they root for each other.

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