19 Errors In The Riverdale Timeline

Please, make it make sense.

If you watch Riverdale, you know that for a while the show didn’t specify what year it took place in order for the show to feel “timeless.”

However, there have been a few moments throughout the show that reveal it’s happening in contemporary time. And that (kinda) made sense until the recent 7-year time jump in Season 5 that started in 2021.

And with this time jump, I am confused, baffled, and befuddled. It creates even more discrepancies in the show’s timeline than there were before!!!

And now I feel an obligation to do a deep dive into all of Riverdale’s timeline inconsistencies, so without further ado:


Like I said before, after all the characters graduate in Season 5, there’s a 7-year time jump that starts in 2021. This would mean that seasons 1–4 actually took place between the 2011–2014 school years and not 2017–2020.


It doesn’t make sense that they graduated in 2014 because before the time jump we find out in Season 4, Episode 15 that when Jughead “died” it was 2020.

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So basically, Season 4 says their senior year ends in 2020 and Season 5 says that their senior year ends in 2014.


Also, we find out from the title card that Jughead was born in 2001. This means in 2021 he would would be either 19 or 20, which again doesn’t make sense because they’re supposed to have been seven years out of high school by 2021.


Towards the end of their senior year, which apparently takes place in 2014 because of the time jump, Veronica makes a reference to Euphoria, which came out in 2019.


If the characters graduated in 2014, then Season 2 would’ve had to take place during the 2011–2012 school year. However, in Episode 14, a bunch of the characters see the premiere of Love, Simon which came out in in 2018.


In Season 4, Episode 8, Veronica gets accepted into Harvard for the Class of 2024 meaning she should be be graduating from high school in 2020.


In Season 3, Episode 15, FP celebrates his 50th birthday. Due to the confusing time jump this happens in either 2013 or 2019. But based on the flashback episode earlier that season, he was a high school junior in the early ’90s. So basically, it’s impossible for him to be 50 during any point of the 2010s.

If FP Jones was 16 in the flashback episode that took place in the ’90s, then how is he celebrating his 50th birthday 25 years later?!

We know the flashback episode takes place in the early ’90s because of the pop culture references Alice makes in the episode. The oldest FP could be at this point is, like, 46.


FP being 50 means that all of the other parents are, like, 49 or 50 since they were in the same grade in school. And if they’re not around his age, then it doesn’t make sense how they were all in the same grade.


It’s also super weird and unrealistic that all of their parents are the same age and had children the exact same age.


In the pilot, it seems like Cheryl is saying she’s a senior while Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead are sophomores, yet as the show goes on, we clearly learn Cheryl’s actually a sophomore as well.


Even though Cheryl and Jason are twins, they’re in different grades. Cheryl is a sophomore but somehow Jason is in the same grade as Polly, Betty’s older sister.

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My guess is that Cheryl and Jason were originally supposed to be older, but after the pilot the writers decided to make Cheryl the same age as most of the other characters.


In Season 1, Episode 7, Fred and FP talk about being in a band together during their senior year of high school. However, in Season 3, Alice states that members of the Midnight Club were no longer friends after playing Gryphons and Gargoyles their junior year.


Also in Season 1, FP says that Fred started the band in senior year, but Alice also states in Season 3 that Fred gave up music in junior year after the events of the Midnight Club.


And in Season 1, Fred says that the band he started his Senior Year was called The Fred Heads, but in Season 3, we see that during Fred’s junior year, the Fred Heads had already been formed.


During the homecoming episode in Season 1, FP tells Betty that when he and her parents were in high school he heard them fighting before he and Fred performed at the school dance. This doesn’t make sense because in Season 3, Alice says that she and Hal get together AFTER Fred had given up music.


In the pilot episode, Betty tells Veronica that Riverdale High opened in 1941 and in the season finale, the town celebrates the 75th anniversary of its founding. This means the latest year it could be in Season 1 is 2016 which, again, throws off the timeline.


Polly’s twins, Juniper and Dagwood, were infants for, like, three years LOL.


In the pilot episode, Kevin refers to his peers as millennials, but then in Season 4 he claims they’re Gen Z.

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Also, I can’t not cackle at that “We’re Generation Z,” line.


And one of the weirdest things, of course, is how everyone in Riverdale has iPhones but also half the time they dress like it’s the ’40s, ’50s, or ’60s.

What are some other continuity errors in the Riverdale timeline? Let us know in the comments!

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