Anne Hathaway Cut Her Hair Before Filming Locked Down

“My hair in the film is the hair I cut myself, which felt very 2020.”

Anne Hathaway added a new skill to her resume during quarantine — hairdresser!

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Much like the rest of us trapped at home for the past year, Anne went far too long without getting her hair cut.

And when it came time to film her new movie Locked Down, she figured the hairstylist in the set’s “bubble” would be able to take care of it…but that was the wrong assumption.

“When I started work on set, I assumed my hairstylist would be able to give me a professional ‘do – but then he informed me that he actually didn’t cut hair,” Anne explained to Radio Times.

She continued, “He asked me if I wanted to have someone else come to set to clean it up, but I was so freaked out by the thought of being in contact with someone outside the filming bubble that I said no.”

Anne noted that she was so “terrified” to work with someone outside the bubble that she decided to just cut her hair herself.

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“I was so serious about [coronavirus] that I gave myself a haircut…My hair in the film is the hair I cut myself, which felt very 2020,” Anne noted.

As for the rest of the filming process, Anne said that it was definitely more “chaotic” than making a movie pre-pandemic.

While the entire year may have been chaotic, Anne noted how grateful she was to have been in a fortunate position to not have to worry about many things.

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