Chris Harrison Still Appeared On The Bachelor Finale

Craig Sjodin / Getty Images

As E! News points out, Harrison apparently contributed voiceover work to the finale of the show’s 25th season, with his voice appearing several times throughout the episode.

At one point, Harrison even promoted the After the Final Rose host replacement Emmanuel Acho — despite the fact that Acho’s participation was announced after Harrison took his leave of absence.

So, to recap, it seems like Harrison might’ve kept working on the finale after claiming he was stepping away from the franchise for now. Weird!

Honestly, @EmmanuelAcho is FULLY capable of doing his own voiceover work for #TheBachelor. There is no excuse for this @ABCNetwork.

Give us (& @chrisbharrison) the actual break you promised.

@bachdiversity / Twitter / Via Twitter: @bachdiversity

We’ll see if The Bachelor franchise — or Harrison — have anything to say about this.

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