HBO Max’s Genera+ion Cast Plays Who’s Who

Nathanya Alexander: “I am nothing like [my character] Ariana.” Justice Smith: “That is not true. That is a lie. Nathanya is JUST like that.”

Earlier this month, HBO Max premiered their first teen drama, Genera+ion and to say it’s already my favorite show is an understatement:

Warrick Page / HBO

Even though she’s in a league of her OWN, if I had to compare, I would call this show Euphoria-lite.

So, to celebrate this iconic program in the making, we had the cast — Justice Smith, Chase Sui Wonders, Lukita Maxwell, Nathanya Alexander, Haley Sanchez, Uly Schlesinger, and Chloe East — Zoom in and play our lovely game of Who’s Who!

Not only is this one of my new fave shows on air, these humans are also my new fave cast! It’s very apparent that they’re all besties off camera [which you can witness for yourself by watching the video below]:

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Like they all COLLECTIVELY and unanimously agreed on a LOT of these questions. Who’s best at doing impressions of their cast mates? Survey says: Chase Sui Wonders!

Who’s most likely to learn a TikTok dance and perform it flawlessly? Survey says: Lukita Maxwell!

And who’s most likely to pull a prank on set? Survey says: Justice Smith!

All I’m sayin’ is that this show — and this cast — is the one to watch!

Be sure to catch these cool dudes on Genera+ion, streaming now on HBOMax!

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