Lexie Is Coming Back To Grey’s Anatomy

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the current season of Grey’s Anatomy.

Now, when we say George and Derek “came back,” we’re specifically referring to them appearing on the beach in Meredith’s COVID dream — because, y’know, they’re dead. And it looks like another long-gone character is coming back next week, too.

Guys. Lexie Grey is coming back next week. And it looks like she’s “visiting” the beach that Meredith’s “on.”

If the previews for next week’s #GreysAnatomy is going to spoil this, so will I. LEXI ON THE BEACH. YES.

@KateAurthur / Twitter / Via Twitter: @KateAurthur

In case you don’t remember, Lexie died in the tragic plane crash that occurred in the season eight finale. But she’s reuniting (well, kind of) with her sister next week! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Randy Holmes / Walt Disney Television via Getty

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