25 Anthony Mackie Tweets That Should Be Framed

“First day as THE FALCON!!!!!”

In comparison to his other Marvel costars, Anthony Mackie is pretty low-key on social media.

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However, after doing a deep dive on his Twitter, I realize that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star has actually mastered *the art of tweeting.

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You know, *posting witty one-liners and captivating photos from time to time. It gets the people going.

Here are some of his best tweets guaranteed to make you smile:


When he shared this excited tweet on his first day as the Falcon, and I could just weep at the nostalgia:

Twitter: @AnthonyMackie


When he showed us what it looks like to fly 16,000 feet in the sky, going 400 mph ā€” like a true badass:

This is what 16000 feet & 400 mph looks like w/ @AFThunderbirds #CaptainAmerica #WinterSoldier #TheFalconTakesFlight

Twitter: @AnthonyMackie


When he spotted a Spider-Man prop and used it as the perfect opportunity to troll Tom Holland:

Twitter: @AnthonyMackie


When he wasn’t afraid to admit that he was his biggest fan:

Might be lame but I’ve been looking for this since I heard there was one… Finally found myself!!! #turndownforwhat

Twitter: @AnthonyMackie


When he uploaded this super-adorable photo of a “little Falcon” and my heart burst:

Saw a lot of little Falcons and Falconettes this weekend. Thank u guys for keepin the streets safe!#littlefalconrocks

Twitter: @AnthonyMackie


When he reminded us all to take care of each other while showing off this wild indoor pool:

Let’s take care of eachother in 2015. Lets Try saying good morning to people before 10am. #HappyNewYear! #HappyPlace

Twitter: @AnthonyMackie


When he shared this photo with the late Stan Lee and, BRB, there’s something in my eye:

Asked why I was so excited at Avengers Premiere lastnite… I said “Because that Stan MuthaF#+Kin Lee!” #MarvelDaddy

Twitter: @AnthonyMackie


When he posted this cute selfie with Chris Evans and 19,000 people liked it:

Want to thank everyone who was there today.#D23Expo. We are lucky to do what we love and enjoy sharing it with you!

Twitter: @AnthonyMackie


When he posted a close-up of his nipple to support male breast cancer awareness:

Iā€™m supporting #InTheNipOfTime, because men get breast cancer. Your turn! @One4TheBoys @SamuelLJackson

Twitter: @AnthonyMackie


When he finally got his Falcon Funko Pop! and was so excited, he couldn’t hide it:

What The!!! I finally got a little POP dude!!! Yes! And he looks cool as the other side of the pillow…#coppedthat

Twitter: @AnthonyMackie


When he ate some chips and thought he gained superpowers IRL:

Not sure what the white power is on these chips, but I’ve been awake for 3 days. I feel unstoppable! I’ve eattin 5 bags! #Sofia #cokechips

Twitter: @AnthonyMackie


When he shared this iconic photo with John Boyega, Don Cheadle, and the late Chadwick Boseman from D23:

Twitter: @AnthonyMackie


When he tweeted this selfie with Sebastian and the thirst was real:

When you see these two… You know these guys cause a ton of trouble! šŸ’ŖšŸ¾ #TheFalconAndTheWinterSoldier #SunsoutGunsout

Twitter: @AnthonyMackie


And finally, when he sat back and marveled at his life, because life is pretty damn good when you’re the Falcon:

Sometimes you have to sit back and marvel at where you are… #Marvelcigardays#Infinitywars

Twitter: @AnthonyMackie

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