17 TV Show Moments That Went Too Far

“I will NEVER forgive the writers of Dexter for what they did to their core cast in the final season. They flat-out disrespected Deb. They made her progressively emotionally and mentally unstable, and she ended up doing things for Dexter that she never would have done. To see a character that started out as such a strong, smart badass get reduced to a puddle of nonsense is a crime against television. Never have I seen such great material to pull from get botched so badly.” —Bauxjangles

“When Deb started to have repressed sexual desires for her adoptive brother…it was just so unnecessary. She GREW UP with him. They were treated as siblings. I stopped watching the show because of this plot. It was gross and a total 180 from how I saw their relationship in the early seasons.” —cocopa

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