17 Cringey Disney Channel Moments

So many of us grew up on iconic Disney Channel shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, and Lizzie McGuire, and movies like High School Musical and Camp Rock.

But there were certainly moments then — and especially looking back now — that made you go like this:

Here are just a few moments from Disney Channel shows and original movies that just had a serious cringe factor.


First, you already know I gotta start with the classic…Debby Ryan’s face from Radio Rebel.

Disney Channel



Loretta’s dance moves during “Nothing’s Wrong With Me” in Pixel Perfect were truly something else.

Disney Channel

Somehow the crowd was loving it.


Lemonade Mouth was a solid film, tbh, but Stella’s off-rhythm clap-dancing in the detention scene was…not it.

Disney Channel

Honorary mention to Mo spraying the cleaning bottle in her face.


Camp Rock has SO MANY, but my favorite’s got to be Caitlyn playing the keyboard and dancing and Mitchie going, “She’s really good!”

Disney Channel

Was she, though? Was she?


Though a close second’s gotta be when Mitchie calls Tess’s bracelet “so blingalicious.”

Disney Channel

Demi, I love you, but this writing wasn’t doing you any favors.


This dance-off in Cadet Kelly is absolutely iconic, but also one of the more cringey things I’ve seen in my life.


Who can forget this iconic Life With Derek scene where Disney Channel was 100% trying to get us to ship these two RELATED characters.

Disney Channel

I cannot even watch this scene because I start rooting for them to kiss (which is 100% the way you’re supposed to feel), and then I’m like, HOLD UP. THEY’RE STEPSIBLINGS.


If you have never seen The Suite Life Movie, you’re missing out on scenes like this, where Zack and Cody awkwardly circle each other and hit themselves.

Disney Channel

In case you haven’t seen the movie, they do this because in the movie they become linked, meaning that if they hurt themselves, it’ll hurt the other twin. This makes for a wonderful “fight” scene in which they keep hitting themselves.


Or when they turned into weird, glowing versions of themselves and fought for twin superiority.

Disney Channel

Seriously. You need to watch this movie.


But nothing beats when Cody ran his fingers down a machine in the lab and affectionately (and kinda sexually???) said, “Shh, baby, don’t speak.”

Disney Channel

My friend and I still quote this to each other.


I absolutely HATE this Jessie moment when Zuri and Jessie switched bodies and Luke said he was attracted to his sister in disguise.

Disney Channel

Oh man, this scene. Luke being attracted to Jessie was already cringe; then you add on the fact that it’s actually Zuri here and he’s attracted to her personality, and THEN you add on the fact that Debby Ryan as Jessie is imitating a Black character in a pretty caricatural voice…this scene is too cringe.


Look, “Bet on It” is by far the best song of the High School Musical franchise. Mostly because watching Zac Efron run SUPER dramatically around a golf course is just so darn cringey while also being incredibly entertaining.

Disney Channel

Also, gotta love when he looks in the water at his reflection and it is the fakest reflection I have ever seen in my life.


Remember when Troy gave Gabriella a necklace with his first initial on it in High School Musical 2?

Disney Channel

This was so weirdly possessive to me?? And she was so flattered?? Also, that necklace was ugly as hell.


Okay, so at the end of The Cheetah Girls, Toto couldn’t hear the girls shouting, but when they start singing quietly, the firefighter’s all like, “OMG, IT’S WORKING”?!? I just can’t deal with the cheesiness.

Disney Channel

At the time, I thought this was realistic and sweet.


You may have seen this iconic Camp Rock 2 march/dance scene pop up on TikTok, where people hilariously edit it into other scenes.

Disney Channel

Mitchie’s sassy look to the side…


I remember freaking out over Aaron Carter kissing Lizzie in Lizzie McGuire when I was younger, but looking back…it is one of the most awkward things I’ve ever seen.

Disney Channel

The look he gives her before! The fact that they do not even seem to kiss, and then he SHUTS THE DOOR IN HER FACE!!!

What Disney Channel moments always make YOU cringe?
Let us know in the comments below!

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