Glenn Close Doing Da Butt At The 2021 Oscars

Okay, so: Glenn Close was in attendance at the 2021 Oscars due to her Best Supporting Actress nomination for Hillbilly Elegy.

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The ceremony featured a segment where Lil Rel Howery asked stars in the audience to identify Oscar-nominated songs from the past. When he came to Glenn, he played Experience Unlimited’s “Da Butt.”

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Quick recap if you don’t know: “Da Butt” is a song by Washington, D.C. go-go band Experience Unlimited that was featured on the soundtrack to Spike Lee’s 1988 film School Daze. You can read an oral history of the song and the dance right here.

Glenn knew “Da Butt” immediately.

And, like, how could they not. It’s Glenn Close! Doing “Da Butt!”

Congratulations Glenn Close, you won the Oscars even if you didn’t win an Oscar. Iconic.

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