Gossip Girl Jokes

When Eric told Jenny that her sweet potatoes were bland, I felt that.

Fourteen years and two streaming services later, Gossip Girl in its entirety still lives rent free in my mind. So if you’re anything like me, then you’ll appreciate these jokes about this bonkers as hell show:


I’m just pressed that I went through years of torture to get a degree so I can earn a basic salary and Kristen bell made 15 million dollars for saying xoxo gossip girl

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Gossip Girl being deleted from Netflix is sad the next generation of teen girls won’t get to fancy Chuck Bass or Nate Archibald won’t get to hate Dan Humphrey or see Serena and Blair switch boyfriends all the time 🙁

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remember in gossip girl when chuck and blair got married so they would have “spousal privilege” so they wouldn’t have to testify against each other about killing chuck’s dad and that was one of the least crazy things that ever happened on gossip girl?

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Every episode of Gossip Girl:

-Jenny Humphreys extensions are omg so bad
-Some one is pretending to be poor when they’re ~actually rich~
-Rufus looks like a full course meal
-Nate gets 4 seconds of screen time just so we can see his eyebrows
-Gossip girl says “uh oh, B”

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tbh i’ve always found it funny how on gossip girl blair banishes jenny from new york and that’s just it, she has to move out and mustn’t come back and no one can do anything about it, this is just hilarious

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i’m so glad i paused gossip girl s2e10 to read the beginning of dan’s supposed masterpiece……… truly this show is the brightest gem of the 21st century

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Hey upper east siders gossip girl here: spotted at grand central bags in hand: serena van der woodsen. Was it only a year ago our it girl disappeared for boarding school? #spongebobmeme #spongebob

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just remembered that Serena Van der Woodsen marries Dan Humphrey even though he literally stalked her, wrote a blog ruining her life for YEARS, and was objectively the Worst & now i’m gonna be grumpy all day

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Power Ranking the 148 characters in Gossip Girl:

1. Blair
2. Dorota
3. Chuck
4. Nate
5. Cyrus
37. Serena
71. Every other character on the show
103. The Coked out dude Serena thought she killed
145. Dan
146. Vanessa
147. Rufus
148. Jenny

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